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BBC 2023 QUIZ:
Earn an E-certificate for 8 hours of continuous learning in Neuroscience


 Conference Event

All talks in the symposia will host an online quiz to test your understanding. Answer any 10 quizzes and earn an E-certificate for 8 hours of continuous learning on Current Topics in Neuroscience

  • This event is for all student participants attending BBC 2023 and it is a great opportunity to earn an additional certificate of academic learning during the conference. 

  • Teams assigned to all symposium sessions will develop the online quizzes based on the topics presented in the sessions. The links for the quizzes will be shared with attendees after each symposium.

  • Interested participants will have the entire duration of the conference (3 days) to take any of the quizzes.

  • Participants will have to complete at least 10 out of the total (25+) quizzes and score at least 50% across the 10 quizzes to be eligible for the certificate.

  • To take part in the quiz check the links on this page during the conference. There are no additional charges for participating. 

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